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Pointing a second domain to my webflow site

I have webflow CMS hosting and point my .com domain to webflow site which all works well. However, I also now have the extension for my domain that I wish to point it at the same site within webflow. Options?


Did you ever get this added? If not, you will just add the webflow DNS to the .au domain in that registrar, same as you did for the first .com

Needs to be done at registrar account.

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I am also curious to know if this is possible. I have a client who has as the main site, but now wishes to point another domain to the same site. Can this be done?

Hi Josh, yes as said above needs to be done at the domain regsitrar level. Whatever the new domain is you put the same DNS info to point to the webflow site.

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Hey Jeremy, thanks a bunch!

one other thing I thought of many domains have the option to forward. that might be the better way to handle it. not to confuse search. either way it should be easy to accomplish.


Thanks. I ended up adding another domain from the Hosting tab in webflow and just added the same A & CNAME records like you suggested. Hopefully that will be enough. Thanks again, Jeremy! @jbleroux