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Point to exactly slider slide when click on the link

I am working a website project that is a website for the NGO Donation Community. One of the page has four pictures (Pic A, Pic B, Pic C and Pic D). When I click on one of the picture link it will popup a as a lightbox effect showing a Slider that will loop automatically from Slide A to Slide D, May I know any way can exactly point to the related slide? when I click on Pic A that will point to the Slide A, Point to Pic B that will point to Slide B, etc… ( I don’t want to start from Slide A when click on all the Pic A to D)

I am appreciated if someone Advanced Users can help. Thanks!!

How is your lightbox set up?

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Could you please edit your post Screenshot_2017-08-16_140811 and provide ALL the necessary details in your post so we can take a look at your site/issue?

If you want faster replies and more accurate answers, it is recommended that you put in a bit more effort to include all the details listed in this link, so that forum members don’t have to waste time following up with you to request more information.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Hi Samliew,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Feel free to take a look below share link:

Services page (The main content has four different sections called Corporations, Non-profit organizations, Schools and Individuals. When click one of the image the popup page (effect similar to lightbox) will show a Slider auto slide the image and content. (But it is not related) For example, I would like click “Corporations” that will popup Corporations image and content from the Slider. For the same theory, When I click on “Non-profit organizations”, “Schools” and “Individuals”, it will popup the images and content accordingly. However, when I click one times for the popup, it will not slide automatically.

Could you suggest how to solve it?
If something mention unclear, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Samliew,

I mean similar the light box effect not exactly has a light box or some other plugin.(just onclick image to pop up a opacity div to show the Slider such as light box effect)

Which mean onclick image show the div container that carry on Slider. I would like to point the correct slide content when click on the related image.

Hope I this descption make you understand and clear. Sorry for the confusing.

Hi Samllew,

Is it put to general category? Am I wrong put the topic in the general category? Which one should I put to be appropriate?

Do you understand what I mean of the questions? Any unclear?

Thanks for your help.

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