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Opening slideshow with preview image

Hey Guys,

I’m creating a slideshow with preview images at the bottom of the slideshow and would like the when the user clicks on any of the images it jumps to the respected image that was click within the slideshow. Is this possible within webflow and if so any help would be much appreciated. See link below for example.



Yes. Add Lightbox widgets for your images, then in the settings tab, you can link them all

It means not only they’ll lead to the big image but once the big image displayed, you can next/prev to see others.

tell me if you need more help on this, but I’ve never used it yet… so I would do a search here on “link lightboxes”, or in the help section here

Also I’ve done this once … in case you need it for your category switcher :slight_smile:

I think he meant something else. Having a slider on top and some images below. When you click on a image, the slider on top will slide to the proper slide (eg. fifth slide if fifth image was clicked).

Ha you’re probably right (: What’s the best solution for him? Can you use a TAB widget for that?

JavaScript code would be best. I am able of writting that, few people from here can approve :wink: Right @DFink? :D

If you go the custom route, trust in Bartosz

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Hey @bartekkustra in your explanation that what I meant

Hi guys,The Slider Widget allows you to easily add a responsive slider to your Webflow site. With this feature you can add images (including background images), or even content like various text and video. This feature is fully responsive, and will work on all of your devices (including tabletand mobile devices).

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