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Point to Exactly slide when click on the image link

I am working a website project that is a website for the NGO Donation Community. One of the page has four pictures (Pic A, Pic B, Pic C and Pic D). When I click on one of the picture link it will popup a as a Slider that will loop automatically from Slide A to Slide D, May I know any way can exactly point to the related slide(Pic A point to Slide A, Pic B point to Slide B, etc…)? I don’t want to start from Slide A when click on all the Pic A to D)

Below is the share link:

Could you have some suggestion? or give me a hand?

Thank you very much for your help!

(If something mention unclear, please let me know.)

Have you tried using a Lightbox?

Do you mean using the Lightbox element, then put the Slider into the Lightbox? Not quite understand how and what to do? Could you explain more how to do it? Thanks!

I mean use a lightbox instead of a slider. If you group the lightboxes with the same group name, they get linked together and there will be prev/next buttons like a slider (but in a lightbox).

Opening a linked lightbox will open up the lightbox AND scroll/display the current clicked item.

If I want to put the slider container replace the image, could I do that? Because I don’t just put the image, I have some text and layout want to show from the slider.

Could you replace to Slider? or I can use Lightbox to show my layout adding some text similar my layout?

Please help. Thanks!

Oh, in that case you have to use the slider. Lightbox is quite limited in it’s features.

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