Linking from a page thumbnail to a specific slide in a slider

Hi Forum,

I have a portfolio page consisting of several small images which I would like to link to a specific slide within a slider. The slider offers a larger view of the image, along with some support copy. This seems like a fairly simple technique to showcase images and provide details tot he subject, but I can’t find any tips on how to build this.

I’ve created unique section ID’s for both the thumbnail and each corresponding image within the slider. At least for the “Design” section within my website. Doing this page first as a test.

There are some posts to the forum regarding this issue, all of them are posted about 7-8 years ago. I would assume Webflow would have developed a something to support this, but I’m getting a sinking feeling I’m wrong…

Any help, suggestions or guidance on this would be much appreciated. Visual of one example below. Link to site provided as well.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK
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Navigating to a specific slide is not a common request here, but you can probably find some old posts with recommended solutions.

Almost certainly it will involve using script, and “clicking” a specific nav point, in a similar fashion to switching the selected tab with script.

If you’re doing this on a separate page, you’ll probably need to set the querystring, then extract that on page load and set your slide accordingly.

If you want a client-side API for easier access, consider using splide JS or swiper JS

What you’ve described sound similar to a light box. Is the goal to call the specific image and then have the ability to click through a series of related images (forward or backward)?

Yes. Is the slider the wrong approach? I’m pretty new to Webflow (and developing) so if I made the wrong choice, I would be curious to know a better one.

Each of my pages only offer a thumbnail image, so I would like the viewer to click on any of the thumbnails to A) see it larger, and B) include copy descriptions. Once in the the slider pop-up, the viewer can simply continue to explore.

Thanks Michael. I would have thought this would be a fairly common tactic. The thumbnails are an efficient way to showcase the volume of work, then click to a slideshow for larger images and supportive copy. With this approach, the problem occurs when a viewer should click a thumbnail in the middle of the collection, then the slideshow starts at the beginning.

I appreciate your suggestions. I’m not a developer, so most of what your suggestions are flying way over my head. I was drawn to Webflow because it seemed manageable from a newbie perspective. I may have misjudged…

If there’s an easier or alternative way to meet the objective, I’d love to hear it!


Oh! Your initial description didn’t frame your requirements that way- Port of Folio guessed right, you want a lightbox. Webflow has that built in.

Note however if you’re wanting copy adjacent to the media, you’ll need to go with a third party solution. Fancybox has a good rep.

Thanks @memetican and @Port_of_Folio, I think lightbox would have been the better choice. However, I think I might try an altogether different approach considering everything…