Please never get rid of LEGACY INTERACTIONS

This is more of a preemptive post.

I just want to put it out there that I hope Webflow never phases out legacy interactions.

The new interactions NEVER work. Like EVER. While the legacy interactions are very dependable. And I’m a fairly new user who learned Webflow with the new interactions already in place. Only after months of struggling with new interactions – and eventually giving up on them because they never work – I finally clicked the Legacy Interactions toggle. And man… how nice to have a feature that works just works.

So, in conclusion, @webflow, please never get rid of LEGACY INTERACTIONS. Thank you.


I totally agree. I love legacy interactions. It gives me the ability to do almost any type of interaction - it seems to have much more flexibility.


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I think the key to using the new interactions is being very mindful of where you’re clicking when in ‘animation mode’. Be clear on the steps you want to take and then execute. That’s the best way but it still takes some messing about and thinking through that wasn’t needed in the old interactions, that’s true!

@bfg - Strange, I feel like there was a much steeper learning curve with IX2.0 but I’ve never had problems getting interactions to work as intended. I also didn’t get too deep into the legacy interactions so transitioning didn’t require fighting against an ingrained process. I’d be curious to see what you’re trying to achieve that you can’t make happen within the new system.

@PixelPanda - It’s definitely much more straightforward for certain things but I would argue that as your animations get more complex and multi-faceted it becomes easier to implement with IX2.0. Like I mentioned above, I may be an odd case due to my lack of legacy use, but it was worth the effort getting used to the update.

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Strange right? I’m only a marketer with some web dev background so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. So I brought in 2 developers and they tried for hours to get seemingly simple show/hide interactions to work and nothing. And when I went to Webflow support for help, they told me they don’t help with design issues. Luckily, I was able to get the interactions to work using Legacy Interactions.

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I’m glad you got everything figured out, and I do know a lot of folks tend to use legacy for more simplistic animations as it lends itself to being more user friendly. For this reason I doubt Webflow has any immediate plans to remove legacy interactions without some sort of solution or (at the very least) a notice that it’s being phased out far ahead of time.

Agree, the new interactions are not user-friendly at all. They are complicated and confusing. Going back to legacy interactions.

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