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Legacy Interactions - What do people think?

Just wondering what’s happening with the legacy interactions? I know they’re supposed to be phased out with Interactions 2.0.2.

I’ve used both Interactions 2.0 and the “Legacy Interactions” and I just find the legacy interactions really easy to use and to add to elements - easier than interactions 2 - not for everything but for some interactions.

Just wondering if anyone else really likes them and if people wanted Webflow to keep them?!

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To be honest, I feel the same way. I have adjusted workflow and planning to use IX2 as much as possible, but there are simply times where IX1 would be faster and easier.

My discomfort still lies in the re-use of IX2 on other pages or elements, although it has been greatly improved with the ability to assign classes inside the IX.

But I also notice bugs still (I did post one a while back regarding scaling slides in a slider stopping their scaling as soon as the new image begins to fade over the top — instead of the scale continuing for the longer time I assigned it to be sure this would not happen — yet when I do the same in IX1 it works fine, but I didn’t see any activity on this issue.

So I for one wouldn’t be sad if IX1 was somehow left available and not removed, but on the flip side I entirely understand the need to move forward with a single, flexible and robust solution. But I’m not convinced IX2 is quite there yet.

Just my 2 pennies’ worth :slight_smile:



me too.

besides being easier for me, it’s easier for the programmer (he says).

I only use it if I want to do something in paralax, otherwise I have done everything via interaction 1.0 … I also find it kind of sad. It was years of work for something I did not use …


I had not done a Webflow build in a while, but figured I’d try out & learn the IX2 workflow for one I’m currently building. The IX2 workflow for creating interactions is very nice but unfortunately they are just super buggy when trying to implement stuff across multiple pages or site-wide in a build. Which blows my mind…

For example… a simple “go to top” button that would pop up in the corner. Build it to show when the top navigation is scrolled out of the viewport… hide it when the top navigation is in the viewport. Just set it on the class for “navigation” (the container that holds my nav) and make sure those two pieces of content (navigation and scroll to top div) are on all pages. Easy right?

Nope, IX2 wants to point to the “original” source on the homepage when those two elements were placed in a new page… asks me to re-link the interaction targets (which of course are the same “technically” - same classes, same div setup, same stuff - just copied to a new page)… I do that… great! works again on this page… Go back to the home page to find that those were un-linked and it no longer works!!! Oh well, I’ll just build it with the old interactions, done and rock solid in about 2 minutes.

With that said, other class based interactions I built for this site do seem to work sitewide… It’s just kind of a buggy right now and I would hate to see the old ones go before they work the kinks out of the new workflow.


Yep, sometimes it seems simple but it can get confusing. In the long run, it’s better to copy the interaction, rename, then re-link. Adds a few steps, but copying and re-adding eliminates the re-linking. But, yeah I liked IX1 for a lot of interactions.

Yep, and this is exactly why I don’t want to see them go. You can build a simple little scroll interaction to “scroll to top” with IX1… and just set it on a “symbol” navigation. Done…

In IX2 you have to use “work arounds” like you mentioned above… which is counter-intuitive. This same exact thing built with IX2 - whether class based, “element” based and just applied to a symbol, or “element” based and applied manually to the nav on each page makes you jump through hoops to get it work properly, wonder if you did something wrong, re-link targets, test it out on multiple pages, publish the site and test… go in and out of the preview… see it working, then not working, haha…

Anyways, hope they work these kinks out eventually.

Yep, I agree. And I understand what they were trying to accomplish in pushing out IX2, and IX1 had a few more steps in one regard, but you had to visualize in your head. So both have imbalance on either side.

Overall, it’s a top-of-the-line application, that will take a little time to consolidate all the functionality they want. I’m sure willing to wait on this dev team, because they are really “thinking” this through!

Commendable for grinding all these processes out. I’m confident they’ll eventually land in the middle so the majority of clients will get what they want.

Have a great week!

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Agree with the “super buggy” part. Maybe the dev team is still working on it and pushing out new fixes because I’ll have multi-page interactions working great, I don’t touch a thing, and they later stop working or parts of them stop working. Also, interactions will show in preview mode one day and not the next even when I shut down chrome and restart. Feels unstable. And randomly, I had a class assigned to a dropdown element but in the interactions panel (and navigator) the class name goes away and only shows it as the generic element name “dropdown” and I lose the ability to assign an interaction to it. See attachment. Anyone else experiencing this?

I love being able to create complex interactions with 2.0, but hate rebuilding when random little bugs pop up!!

This is my issue too. An IX1 applied to elements on each page (same class name) simply worked, no duplicates or errors or relinking required…



A little late to this party, but simply posting that I prefer the legacy interactions in hopes that they will never be phased out. I simply find them easier to use. Especially when applying the same interaction (like a slide in effect) to different elements on different pages that have different classes.