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Legacy Interactions - NO!

With the news that legacy interactions will be phased out for all new builds yet will be retained on existing builds. What will be the result from duplicate sites?

Meaning, if I want to stick with being able to build simple interactions easily, can I have a dummy build with say just one interaction and duplicate this site to build new sites will this maintain access the old interaction editor. Or will adding any new interactions force me to the clunky new editor only?

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It seems it’s written, loud and clear:

… any site with legacy interactions in place will always have the option to toggle between the old and the new. You won’t lose your work!

So don’t worry for your duplicated sites.

The logic is different and for simple things there are more steps. Right. But the possibilities are endless, the features list is longer, there are more triggers and more possible actions on styling. I find it unfair to ditch all of that and reduce it to “clunky new”.


+1 for this too. My heart stopped when I saw this bit;

In my opinion, this should only be implemented if there are plans to port over functionality like ON DROPDOWN OPEN, NAV OPEN, TABS OPEN, etc in v2.0.2. All these are currently not present

Please, let’s not ditch old gold for new,shiny silver @webflow


Well, except for interactions on CMS items… :worried:

I’m working from a previous template, and I can’t add new interactions as they are not yet available for CMS items, nor can I access the legacy ones as they are blocked:

Webflow Legacy Interactions

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It seems like you’re saying if you want legacy interactions, all you need to do is duplicate a site that has them, and you could theoretically delete everything and have a brand new site with legacy interactions, even after they’re phased out.

What I’m saying is the complete opposite of that :slight_smile:

What I’m saying here and elsewhere is don’t rush into opposing, judging, voicing against something that hasn’t even started yet. It’s listed into a “What’s coming” list at the moment, that’s all.

Dialog is open, let’s have a constructive and mannered one, voice our opinions, talk about the use cases we face. @AlexManyeki raises a good point about the Dropdown triggers. And there are the sliders triggers too. (Honestly haven’t thought about those two and I haven’t trid to see if IX2 can be of any help for that. I’d miss the Slider one a lot, it’s allowing some neat, refined sliders animations). I don’t get @Pasint claim about dynamic content as it’s in the upcoming things (“Collection list support”). @Pasint maybe you didn’t realize that yet.

So there’s time and users are listened to, I’m sure. It’s not time for complaining, writing all caps or trying to find cheats and workarounds.

If there is a real reason to suffer the hassle of having to duplicate a site, completely clean it, just to reuse it with IX1, I am sure @Webflow wants to hear about it. What would you want to continue to use in IX1?

Webflow is a software. The better it can be maintained, the more solid it is. Keeping a legacy feature alive for ever is a definitive no-no. Time consuming and dragging innovation backwards. Switching from IX to IX2 is a big deal I admit, pulling the plug on IX legacy will be the most important feature removed from WF that I can remember. But it didn’t and wont disappear overnight.


I honestly don’t care one way or the other. I was just clarifying what you were saying. I’m still not really clear on what you were saying on the post I initially responded to, especially if you’re claiming you were saying the OPPOSITE of what my interpretation was.

The person asked if duplicated sites would retain the legacy interactions of the original. Your response doesn’t seem to have addressed that question at all.

Oh… I’m not in favor of any workarounds, especially at this stage :slight_smile:

Again, this would be horrible to do, so many clicks and time spent…

I think I did. I said loud and clear “don’t worry for your duplicated sites”, and quoted Webflow who’s saying that you won’t lose your work.


You could easily just create a blank site with access to legacy interactions, and duplicate that any time you wanted to use them. The whole thing seems clunky.

There wouldn’t be much time spent at all in this case, and since there are options in legacy interactions that don’t yet exist in IX2.0, it seems like a good near-future-proofing idea to create a blank site that has access to legacy interactions for duplicating purposes IF duplicated sites will have access to them.

I saw what you said, but what you said doesn’t answer the question because Webflow’s statement doesn’t address duplicated sites.

I personally don’t understand removing legacy interactions before they are 100% replaced, but I don’t use most of the currently “missing” interactions, so it doesn’t really affect me.

Hey @vincent

My point is that at this time, it’s not possible to add Interactions on CMS items at all. Whether it’s with the new or legacy Interactions system. So until the next release fixing this, we’ve actually lost a functionality (and I need to find a workaround…).

I just pulled older project that I have done awhile ago with CMS and vanilla IX. Seems to be working fine.


The picture that you have posted just to clarify, -

Are the interactions greyed out if you select element that they have been applied to ? Or any element on the page ? - Because by default - when switching between IX old IX is grayed out - since no elements are selected. Just to clarify here.

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I think you can with Legacy.

edit: yes you can. @Throatscratch is probably right. When you go to activate legacy, it unselects whatever you had selected so present you with a grayed out interface. Just select any dynamic bit again and you’re granted the right to create or affect an interaction.

I also use triggers available in IX1 that are not available in IX2 – particularly the nav open/close trigger…

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@vincent @Throatscratch
Ok, you’re right, I’m wrong… I didn’t realise items selection was removed when switching from IX2 to Legacy. Man, it’s just been one of those days again… :sweat:

You mean the day you made IX1 work again on dynamic items? Rejoice :smiley: #itshalffull

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Hey everyone! If people at Webflow told me they’d be removing IX1.0 before IX2.0 supported everything that 1.0 supported I’d be losing my marbles! So I’m with you guys on that. We don’t have any intention of removing IX1.0 from any sites until these things happen:

  1. Reusing animations is much easier. Currently it takes a bunch of repetitive clicks to reuse an interaction. We want to change that to a couple clicks by giving you the ability to target classes inside animations.
  2. Interactions in collection lists will be possible. We’re currently working on this.
  3. Making creating and editing IX2 interactions much faster (for bigger sites especially). We actually just shipped this today so you should see an improvement here!

And when we do remove support for IX1 we will only remove it for completely new sites that don’t have IX1 interactions and old sites that never had IX1 interactions.

As for component interactions we already support them. Here’s how to access them:

  • Navbar interactions - Select the main Navbar element and then when you create an interaction choose Navbar in the list.
  • Dropdown interactions - Select the main Dropdown element and then when you create an interaction choose Dropdown in the list.
  • Tab Link interactions - Select the Tab Link element inside of the Tab Menu element and then when you create an interaction choose Tab from the list.
  • Slider interactions - Select a Slide element inside of the Mask element and then when you create an interaction choose the Slider option from the list.

Let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions.


Thanks @thesergie for the clarification. Once you get to learn the the process of applying them to the respective elements, they become pretty easy to use.

Hey everyone! We just released some new updates for Interactions that makes reuse a lot faster. Check it out here: https://webflow.com/feature/reusing-interactions-just-got-way-easier

Let me know what you think!