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Better interactions

The more I use webflow the more frustrated I get when using interactions. The lack of “limit to parent” which I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the inability to attach more than one interaction to an element, the inability to easily swap from click to hover all add up to create a grating experience.

Trying to build something made out of a load of similar modules with very similar interactions is an absolute nightmare at the moment. The best solution (which is pretty bad!) is creating a load of equal elements but giving them all different class names. Not efficient or elegant!

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Just ranting now but please address my points! I’m in a situation now where I have loads of fairly complex interactions created yet I have to create them all again because I want to append them to existing interactions. The workflow is painful to say the least as i’m having to take screen shots of my interactions settings to duplicate them manually elsewhere. There has to be a fix to this!

Hi @Mowgli, there is news that the interactions system is being reworked, but we do not have an ETA yet (can be from 6 - 12 months or even 2 years).

And dont forget to give a possibility to limit an interaction to a break point :- )