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Load issues and how can i improve it

Hello community,
First of all I am ignacio graphic designer and recently I got into this world of webflow of which I am more and more happy.

I’m having trouble lowering the load time on my first project.
I was very ambitious in terms of design and interactions and I think that now is causing me problems when loading. The page is already uploaded but it has a very high loading time and I don’t know how to reduce that loading time. My score in Google PAgeSpeed ​​Insights is very low and the client is asking me to upload that number but I am not able to figure out what to do. I tried deleting all the animations to see if it was that but it was still the same. It is an audiovisual production company so it needs to have the videos.

Thank you all very much for your time.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is live website:

Is Google’s PageSpeed the only thing telling you the load time is slow? I had no load or performance issues when viewing. Comparatively, your page is pretty light in terms of the amount of content you have.

The issue I have with PageSpeed is that many of Google’s own pages don’t score high. So, it’s hard to find it completely reliable.

Can you share a link of the insights report?

Thank you very much Joseph for the quick reply.

Actually, I don’t trust the google score either since some pages load very fast but they don’t have a good score. What I want to achieve is that the page loads faster on mobile because is taking about 15 seconds and I would not know why. I was looking at it on google page speed insights just to see where I need to improve to make it load faster.

Here is the link: