Please Help Me Understand One Page Webflow Sites Like

Like the Minimalist here on Webflow (clone able)

I go in to see how its done with just 1 page but I just can’t access the sections:

They are the ones that come in after you click the quadrant parts.

I’ve been at this for an hour lol I feel stupid.

I LOVE LOVE the one page idea, and how it appears to be many pages.

Like maybe an example that uses one page, just using transitions, but somehow gets it so the sites URL bar displays a different URL (how the heck is that done???)

If you know of any other example sites I can see inside webflow I would appreciate it so much for the tip :smile:
thank you so much!


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I think I found the solution and it makes sense, I just have to understand this better.

The creator of the minimalist posted this in the comments to that website:

to update the sections you must do the following:

  1. Open the ‘Navigator’
  2. Select the section you want to edit (They are named the same as the nav elements).
  3. Select the paintbrush icon from the top tab and you’ll come into the CSS editor panel.
  4. Scroll down to the positioning section. And set the value to ‘0’. Set only to the one that has an existing value (most have -85 or 85).
  5. If there is a rotation scroll down and click the ‘eye’ icon to disable it. Now the section is laid out on the screen in full. Edit it as you wish and then just set the rotation back to enable and the position to whatever it originally was. And that’s it!
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