Sidebar Section Navigator

I’m trying to make a guide for new clients and I want to have a section navigation buttons like in this example

however I would like it to behave like the social media share buttons on the Webflow blog post pages

I like how it’s stationary until you scroll past a certain point then it’s fixed on the page until another point.

If someone had the read only link for the Webflow Blog I could definitely figure out. I’m also trying to make a scroll progress bar that follows

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
It’s on the page titled website planner and I am working on making a progress bar that tracks where the pages are but I’m not sure if it’s possible. I might just end up doing links in which case I would still like to get the behavior mentioned above to work.


Hi. Try this library:

“build in” sidebar naviation - only add data-anchor="some-value" att (HOW? webflow custom attributes)

A lot of forum tuts/topics about this:

sticky dots

This effect called “sticky” (google it). For now by Webflow editor - thier is no way to switch classes by interaction (Wishlist) - This is the way to create this effect most of the time (toogle bettwen fixed and auto):

The effect of scroll in point (start - stop) (boundaries) called “sticky boundary” - you find this option in some JS sticky plugins. Example:

It can be sticky to the entire page or to selected parent container


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