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Placeholder Text Color

Hi everyone!

This is embarrassing but…

I can’t remember how I was able to change a form field’s placeholder text to white. This is a problem because now on another page I’d like a different color for the placeholder text and it is locked at white.

I was so happy when I got it working before! Help me retrace my steps?

Thank you!

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Try changing the background color here:

You might also want to add an additional class of which color you’ll be using. Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have anymore questions. Cheers!

Hmmm… That changed the background color but not the text color. The text color is stubbornly stuck on white.

You’ll need to use custom code to style the placeholder text.

Example of use:
input[type="email"]::placeholder { color: #ccc }

Reference found here

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