Can't change the user-input text color inside a form placeholder

Hello all,

I apologize if this matter has already been brought up and resolved, although I cannot seem to find a solution with the resources previously posted on this forum.

I am trying to change the user-input text on my contact form on my website. It is appearing as a dark gray which does not contrast well on my black background-based website. I have changed the placeholder text to #fff using Webflow’s native method, although I cannot find a way to change the color of the text that is typed into the form placeholder from dark gray to white.

Any help would be much appreciated! Have a productive rest of the week everyone.

Link to the persisting issue

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Hello @GILBZ

You can control this color in the default typography settings.

Let me know if this works.

Peter :webflow_heart:

Same problem here. Did you ever find the solution? All other Typography settings are respected but the color is ignored by the text field.