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Picture orientation On live site

Hello all.

I have seen other older posts about this topic.
When my client uploades pictures into the CMS, they are in wrong orientation on the live site.

Its always taken on an iphone either a Iphone 5SE or Iphone Xs, they always take it the same way. And when they upload the picture it looks great, when they view it in the designer or editor mode it looks great, as soon as they publish and look on live site, it do not work…

I have done test with my Iphone11 Pro same result…

What we have testet already.
Save picture on desktop - not helping.
Pictures share from Dropbox - not helping.
Pictures sent with mail - not helping.
Edit in Photoshop or using for compressing - worked.

My client have alot of work to do, and they choose me and Webflow for the simplicity of posting new content, and DO NOT want to do the extra steps!

Sadly i didt not run into these problems, as i always use Photoshop or TinyPNG before uploading to Webflow, even with my test images.

So any news on this old error, any JS script or something i can implement into the site to fix this?
and please dont give me the old, this is not a Webflow problem :slight_smile:

There must be someone with a solution :slight_smile: