Orientation problem with images

Hey everyone,

When I visit a site i’m building on a temporary .io domain, there are certain images of a specific project that are turning around for some reason.

The images were taken on a mobile device and i’ve read something about their structure being the problem but I have no idea how I should fix this.

Read something about it on the forum a couple months ago but can’t seem to find the post back.

Does anyone know what the exact problem might be and how I should solve this?

Thanks in advance and have a productive Monday :blush:

hi @Nicolas_Stockmans here is one link from forum

But feel free to find more articles when use “images turn” keywords


Simply you should use some editor to turn these to required orientation. The good practice is do that when you optimise your images for web. You can use any editor that is included on your OS to do this job or use any editing software or online services.

Hope that helps

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Hey @Stan

Thanks a lot for your help :blush: !
Found the same article and it is indeed the best solution, i’m editing them in PS and saving them as PNG. Seems to be a good solution since it solves the problem.

Thanks again and enjoy your day

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Hi @Nicolas_Stockmans If issue doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved. :wink:

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