Pickup+ Local delivery solution in webflow

Since the order will have a delivery address it will be in the order. The order mail can be sent to one ore more email addresses. I did not have any tracking, if you meen gps tracking

@Steven_Stavrakis do you any services that do this job

@JanneWassberg Ohh ok, at least can we mention that food will be delivered within some x amount time in the mail? can we have that gps tracking

Is it depending on the address, dish or workload. I can sea different solutions but it depends on your answer

I don’t know any off the top of my head. Google has a way of processing food orders in their “Google food ordering” system. There are probably tens if not hundreds of different services that can be used.

Hi, I found this and wonder if it is possible to pass dates from product collections to the shipping choices in ckeckout? Any idea? :slight_smile: