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Piano teacher website rework, would love some honest feedback

Hey there Webflowers :slight_smile:
Currently finishing the rework of a piano teacher website :
Would love some honest feedback about this site.

Hi @Blaise_Posmyouck I like the design, as it is unique and clear.

Here just some impressions and ideas from my side:

  • I did’nt recognize immediately that it was possible to scroll down, maybe you bring in some element to teaser this, and as this philosophic texts, I suppose, should bring some mood, maybe changing pictures could bring also some different moods, not just this dark, depressive mood.
  • The list at the right is clear, but it looks and is acting like a menu, so I tried to click on it, as I wanted to know more …
  • Only on the second view, I realized that the list is looking like piano keys
  • Anyway I would like to get more information about the background, the experiences, references of a piano teacher.
  • Why should I take lessons from him?
    *“M a r c e ein u P i a n o” Is this the name of him?

Hope this helps.

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Hey there !
Thank you for this feedback @pupinko
Very nice of you.
I’ll try to change these differents things but it’s hard for the colors, need to keep them black and white (like a piano).
The elements on the right with the icons aren’t acting like a menu anymore. Hope it’s better now.
I will also try to add more informations concerning the teacher.
Thanks again for your help,

@Blaise_Posmyouck, like to help. Keep the piano style, you did it well, just was not aware of that in the first moment, maybe it could look more like a real keyboard where black keys are in different distances?

You removed the hover effect. I suppose, you want to keep it simple and I don’t know your time budget, but if you have the chance to bring in some more infomations, why not trying to use it like a menu and offer more informations behind, below, between … ? I’s always nice to have a reason for design elements. Maybe you could go one step further with the keyboard thing …

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