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BluElaye Design Studio, my first website on Webflow

BluElaye Design Studio, would love to get some feedback and views on my website, many thanks…

There’s a row uncentered
Maybe increase the height of the maps, and prevent the click scroll on them, it can break the navigation.

Apart of that, good job, nice site, and nice menu (:


I must say:

  • The images are not optimized
  • Overused shadow effects
  • The website takes too long to load
  • The overall design is not at all professional
  • Very poorly made photomontages
  • the only good thing is the menu, which seems to be of another design

Sorry for my very bad review, but i’m honest, and i know you can do it much much better.

I would seriously suggest optimizing all your images… My machine is having a hard time scrolling through the site… you have some images that are so large that it’s making the site unresponsive. After that it will be easier to give some constructive advice.

Hey BluELaye, is not that bad, design wise i think it should be more cohesive.
I think it has too much of different things. Too many different fonts or ideas running at the same time.
im not sure if the " This site was put together by Charlie Lee" line on bottom is appropiate, im not
sure if BluELaye is a team or just Charlie Lee. That’s all for now.