Small website for lands to build in Normandy

Hey webflowers <3

I would really appreciate some feedback about a small site I’m finishing up for a client who sell lands to build in France, Normandy.

You can find the published version here :

Hope you’ll like the site, and not find too many errors !

By advance, thank you very much for your help.

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Looks good @Blaise_Posmyouck nice work.

TBH it doesn’t need the animation. Also needs a sticky nav ( i know its a short page but would be nice)

Id do something with the green button… would fail contrast test

Nice responsively too.

Great work :+1:

Thank you very much for the feedback @Sveky, I highly appreaciate !
I’m changing a few things in this site right now and I’ll make a sticky nav asap.
The logo isn’t done yet, I’m working hard to find one, but I’m not a logo designer, so it’s very hard and time consuming :frowning:
Thank you again for your help,
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This review is based in function, not so much on specific design elements…

Go to the video!

Nice work!
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Hi @itbrian40

I can’t thank you enough for this review, really THANK YOU a ton for this work, I really appreciate it.

Following your critics, I’ve managed to review a couple of things :

  • I’m still trying to figure out how to display nicely the “Last opportunities” ribbon
  • The consumer does not want to display his contact infos in the navbar, only in the footer.
  • The first map you see on the site is clickable (embed from Maphub), I think you did not realise that in your review, so it made me think it should be good to display a message that inform the user this map is clickable
  • Concerning the big map with the price list, now when you hover over the prices it highlights the appropriate field number
  • You are absolutely right when you said 2 forms inside the same container is not a good strategy, so now there’s only 1 contact form for the home page

You can find the website here :

Thank you again for this review, really, you rock.

Take care.

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It’s a sub-CTA and I think just making the original “seal” graphic yellow may get you where you need to be. Keep the animation you had on it and let it go… I tend to overthink minor things like this too. You just want to communicate “urgency”.

[quote=“, post:5, topic:35941”]
The first map you see on the site is clickable (embed from Maphub), I think you did not realise that in your review, so it made me think it should be good to display a message that inform the user this map is clickable[/quote]

I did see that later, after I made the video. It was zoomed out very far on load that it was too busy for me. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be for fine details, far away and due to the colors of the various land parcels, it was difficult to see how many locations the blue icons were “pinned” to. I like the way you’ve noted that it’s clickable now. Nice!

I’d rather have it on only the ones in the table that are still available, again to convey the urgency of how few are left, however, this works really well. Nicely done!

I’m used to this kind of thinking from clients. Testing, heatmaps and session videos done in the US market shows that it’s a mistake, however, you’re at the mercy of your client and as long as it’s somewhere on the website, sure… OK. I would tell them that it’s not what they want or what I want, it’s what the user/visitor needs… which I’m sure you have. I did notice that you cleaned up and shortened the footer… looks very good!

Looks very good, less confusion and you could add a drop-down list of “reasons” for the contact, so that when it comes in email you can pre sort them manually or by setting up an email rule: via Outlook etc., based on the subject they’ve set on submission. Just a thought. Looks good… less confusing than having two.

Nice work Blaise! Rawk on! :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

Well again, I can’t thank you enough for all your help & time, @itbrian40

  • I thought this “last opportunities” sub-CTA had to be yellow too. So I will add it asap :slight_smile: Thank you a lot for this advise
  • Concerning the big map, it would indeed be nice to have the hover effect only on available, but the consumer wants to keep it as it is now, as the fields availability can change everyday…

I really appreciate your help, that is very kind of you, really, you rock !!!

Kind regards

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The key with CTAs is higher contrast colors and (maybe) breaking out of the site’s main color palette for emphasis …for the eyes to track to it.

Yes, I don’t think I’d mess with much else on this. Looks great and has really solid function.

You’re welcome Blaise. Glad it helped some.

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