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Using webflow for customers

Ok I’m have a problem with the contact form.

I will make sites for others or customers, how can they change their email on the contact form and email info?

I think it will be better to export the form just like we do the html/css how can I do this?

You can do this but you would need to setup a server/database to collect your forum inputs. That’s why we do that for you.

It will be easier for you to work with clients as we provide more sharing and CMS-type functionality.

I now it will be great down the road, but is there anyway at all I can make this work with my .php like a regular contact form?

I really need this for now. Thank you so much.

I’m a little confused as to what you want to do. You want your clients (for whom you are building websites) to be able to change the email that the form submission will go to? Or the email label?

yes I want the clients to be able to change the email that the form submission will go to, at any time they want without me, and to change the - From: Webflow … that shows up when the email comes to the client.

What would you want the From: line to be?

The form line? If you are talking about the line of text that you that you get when somebody send you an email, I just think that after I export this should be in the head of the website owner or client. it can be different all the time.

So I was just thinking that if I’m going to export the website it should give me the contact.php file or whatever file the for will work from.

The form is one thing that can make this designs and sites be ready to sell. because you have to give that options to the client on changing the contact email without contacting me.

I hope you understand what I’m talking about.

Thanks thesergie

I agree.
How and where do we edit the details?

You cant do it, for now once you export it will not give you the .php file so you cant change the email from that. you can change it only on the site settings in the webflow Dashboard

I also agree.
I think the whole community agree.
Users WebFlow will gradually disillusioned when they realize that it is mandatory that the contact forms pass through WebFlow.
For our site we do not care, the problem is when we sell a site made in WebFlow a client, this client should not be able to access the WebFlow platform, from the link that arrives; and you should see the actual sender.
I feel my vocabulary, I’m Spanish and I use the google translator; which is more difficult can deal with the forum.
Thank you