Phantom padding

I have a site design where I have a white box to hold my content surrounded by a blue background, 40 pixels on top and bottom. It displays as expected in Design view, but not in Preview view nor when published, where the bottom margin grows much larger than the top.

I made a 1:33 video that demonstrates the issue:

If anyone could share any advice or insight as to what might be causing the appearance of the extra unwanted margin (technically speaking, padding, actually) that appears on the bottom when published or previewed I’d appreciate it.


Here is my site Read-Only:

@Chuck_Braman, I have looked through your whole project with regards to this phantom padding.

I am not sure why you are having this issue. Let’s see if a staff member might know?

@cyberdave, @Brando, @Andrew, @PixelGeek, @mistercreate any thoughts on this?

Thanks for checking, @QA_Brandon

@Chuck_Braman - This issue may due to conflicting styles between an Interaction and an Element. You can see here the conflict and possible workaround. :webflow_heart:


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Thank you @QA_Brandon for taking the time to try to figure this out, I really appreciate it, and to bring it to the attention of the staff.

Thank you @mistercreate, you solved it!

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