Extra white space at bottom of only one page of my site

On the “Careers” page of my site there is white space at the bottom of the page that is present for larger breakpoints. The larger you make the viewport width, the larger the white space at the bottom of the page grows.

I haven’t been able to find what’s been causing it, but maybe some new eyes can find the issue easier.

Here’s the link: Webflow - Nimbus

Realized it may be hard for some to see or replicate the issue. Try adjusting the width to 4000+ pixels and the behavior should be present. I think it shows up on the published site on smaller viewport widths however.

Hi Dorien,

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It seems to me like you want to have the footer stick to the bottom of the page. If this is the intent, you’re going to want to set the body to Flexbox and then set the direction to vertical. At this point, the site should look the same as it did before. Now click on the footer and set the top margin to Auto. This will push the footer to the bottom of the page.

In your case, it seems like you have three elements that you would like pushed to the bottom of the page. Just put those three elements into a section and set the top margin of that section to Auto.

Check out this Webflow University video where it references your exact situation (timestamp: 2:45)

I hope that helps!


Hey Tyler_W, that definitely takes the white space away from the bottom of the page, but it seems to just move the white space to a different part of the page. How should I go about closing the white space that now appears in the middle?

Eh, nvm. I just changed the background color of the body element to match that of one of my color bands to create the illusion there is no gap. Seems a little on the hacky side so open to hearing what my other options are if there are any