How to eliminate White Space at bottom of published website

I just need some help finding out what is causing a white bar or section to show up in my published sites? I inspected the page and it looks like a div is being added below my last Section on the page. It shows a Div called “drag-ghost” but i cannot find that anywhere in my project so Im having trouble finding the DIV to remove it. Can someone take a look and see if they can find what is adding teh white space at the bottom? I cant seem toi find margins that are incorrect either. Any help is greatly appreciated!! I have added screenshots of the white space that shows up on the published site, and also a small bit of code showing the strange div i found at the end of the pages code. Not sure if thats the issue or what is causing it honestly. Ive tried using other solutions i found here to no avail…

Screenshot 2020-12-21 230510|583x472 Screenshot 2020-12-21 230457|690x249

Here is my site Read-Only: http://