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Phantom top margin on a Div Block

There is a huge margin on my header that shows up in Preview Mode and the published version of this site but that is not visible in Design Mode, and I am baffled as to where it’s coming from. Please see the short video below for clarification. Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @Chuck_Braman, it appears to be coming from your popup menu or an element inside.

Let me know if this helps:

Thank you very much @myonke for isolating the cause of the problem as having to do with something within the “popup menu wrapper” Div.

It’s mysterious to me as to what the actual cause is, as all the top margins of all of the elements are set to zero. But when I move it to the bottom of the layer stack the problem goes away, so at least there’s a solution, even though I don’t understand what exactly is happening.

This issue can be considered solved, but in case anyone is curious to see what I’m referring to and there’s an easy explanation, I’ve made a short video here:

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