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Personal portfolio created with Webflow

A brief overview of what I do, hopefully with some entertainment value. Proudly created in Webflow. Enjoy.


Wow this is amazing! any custom code on this or Pure Webflow?

Thanks @Mordi_Levi! I’m glad you like it. The only custom code is a tiny bit of CSS to get some elements on the page to center vertically using display:table and vertical-align:middle. Other than that, it’s purely native code. I’ll be fine tuning and enhancing it over the next week.

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Very nice, like a lot. I have also a right menu site in mind for my portfolio redesign. The only thing is that the site seemed a little heavy, it wasn’t as smooth that I wanted it to be.

Looks very efficient! Clean look indeed.

For the easing of the sliding animations, have you tried ease-in-cubic? It gives a very good snap at the end of the anim and speeds it up a little bit. I think it’s very much used in Webflow’s own demos.

@jorn, Thank you. Good luck with your site! I think it’s all too easy as designers to take a look a what we’ve made and consider it “a little heavy”. That’s when Dieter Rams pops in my head saying “Less, but better.”

@vincent, thanks for the easing suggestion. I hadn’t played with those settings much, but I took your advice. Thanks for the input and the compliment!

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Very nice! You should post this on DN too!

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Thanks for the kind words @brryant, I will!

Wow this is fantastic. Love the content, and the animations felt super smooth to me.

I like that you kept them simple instead of going overboard with the different easing types.

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This is insane! You should consider making this into a template. You would kill on the marketplace!

Thanks, @danro! It was a blast to make and I love that Webflow allowed me to focus on pushing my creativity and it took care of the rest.

@craigteel This is a really beautiful site. I’m impress. You should put it up on Webflow’s Gallery Showcase. What is the name of the fonts you are using throughout the site?

Well thanks, @angela! I used Lato Light for all typography on the page.

@DFink, thanks man. We shall see, we shall see…

I am curious if there are any thoughts on how to integrate the new lightbox widget into the portfolio section so that each grid item opens a larger version image of itself. I’d think it would have to be a customized lightbox without a true thumbnail since it’s using the responsive grid columns, but I could be wrong. I can’t figure out how it could be done otherwise.

Not sure if I get what you want to build. Does this help?

Thanks, @vincent. Yeah, I think the problem with that lies with images becoming distorted since what I have is 100% width and all images are background images. Since the lightbox thumbnails are actual images and not background images, getting the thumbnail images to scale properly (since only background images can have a property like “contain”) would be a little weird, right?