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Personal Portfolio Website Through Webflow

First time I’ve ever been able to create the viewing experience I intend my work for with the endless customizability webflow offers! I’ve never had a web-design experience come about so effortlessly.

After many hours creating numerous versions and relentless feedback, my site has finally been completed and unleashed upon the world for everyone’s viewing pleasure … all five who visit it.

(I’m always open to feedback and learning about new/better ways of organizing things things to enhance or optimize a visitors experience. Please feel no hesitation to let me know your thoughts.)



HOOOOLEEEEEEEEEE SHIT. You’re work is amazing. that detail…


So. Beautiful.

Now I want every member of the Webflow team to have a portrait in this awesome style :smiley:


Awesome! Thank you so much! Like I said … finally found a resource that case showcase all that detail as intended! boom!

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Cool work, will make some nice movie posters. Like your website. But liked the behind the scenes videos even more, haha. Cool!

This is amazing. Really stretched out the Webflow abilities!

One thing that bothered me, in the “Who i am” section, the paragraphs are too close to one another, there’s something weird happening there with the spacing. Also, I would consider a Left text alignment instead of centered.

Great Work very inspiring!!

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Breathtaking work, breathtaking website!

I like the color treatments. Inspirational site to learn technique, layout, and design ideas from. Great job.

Great work drew!

One thing that I’ll pass on that I learnt is what visual designers call ‘friction to the eye’ and in this case it is the ‘About you’ section.

I’ve done this many a time in my past, and when I was taught and new better, I did better…so here’s goes to sharing…

Take out anything that is asking more of the viewer / end user’s brain to process, in this case it’s not keeping the text easy for me / my eye& brain to digest. We’ve learnt that screen consumers scan content, so make it easy for them to find it with their eyes with the least amount of friction, and then be able to consume / read it.

If you think about it, you’ve created a puzzle / bent out pizza slicing of 3 pieces of content YOU’RE wanting us to read, and you REALLY want us to know MORE ABOUT YOU, b’c it will help us identify with you and build credibility, BUT…you’ve made it hard on my eyes, so guess what, my lizard brain skips it, and now I don’t know more about you which will allow me to better understand and like you if it what I want to read.

Save the creativity for your amazing visuals, and leave the simple content for frictionless flow’ me’thinks, but again, just my 2 cents!

p.s Any background video to your awkward poses shoot on vimeo? That would be fun to watch!

Guys this is all awesome feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to dive in and explore the site!

A most beautiful site – such a pleasure to view :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! Good job. I have a question, how to add the “to the top” button in the page? Do you add it after you export the file from webflow?

The site’s awesome. Great portfolio and awesome use of Webflow. One tiny thing I noticed, (it’s extremely tiny), is the email icon below your submit button in the contact section. On hovering, the icon rotates, but then shifts one or two pixels to the right. Just wanted to let you know. I’m pretty obsessive over little details like that, haha.