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Percentage Width Divs


All of a sudden I can’t make my divs have a .%.

Example, I set up a container and want 3 divs each 33.3% wide and floated to the left so they fill the container perfectly. As of yesterday this was no problem but today I can’t add the .3% as it keeps reverting to 33% so leaves a small gap at the end of the last div.

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I was just about to mention this!

Just checked my old sites and although they are keeping the correct styling of 33.3% from before this bug the width in the actual GUI is now saying 33% instead of 33.3%. I’m scared to touch them incase they change size!

Come on Webflow, what gives? :smile:

I did exactly the same! I just left them haha

Hey @Golden28 - sorry about that! We’re looking into this now, and should have a fix for you soon!


Awesome Vlad. Thank-you as always!

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