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Auto addition of padding?

Trying to figure out why, when I make a div 50% width inside of a flexbox parent, Webflow adds this 75 pixels to the right and bottom. See attached screen grab. Not the end of the world but weird it puts it in there as a default. Anyone else experiencing this?

Shared link:

@Port_of_Folio thanks so much for reporting this issue, we have a bug filed for this and I’ll post an update as soon as I have more information.

That’s showing up as empty div blocks have a 75px by 75px default setting so that it’s easy to add child elements to them. It shouldn’t affect live sites if you override the height style/padding on the element. Thanks again!

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Hi @Port_of_Folio

We pushed a fix for this issue.

Everything should work as expected after refreshing the Designer.

Can you please confirm that the issue is resolved on your end as well?

Thanks in advance.

Yep, appears to be working for % values. I tested typing in a pixel value for width and doing this does show the 75px of padding.

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