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Why doesnt these 2 sections add to 100%


So i have a container and then 2 divs within. However these 2 divs only add up to 98% of the container and there is some small space in between. Can someone have a look.

Page is “calendar: Month view”

The container is “Left” and has 2 divs “Container1” & “Right panel”


Hi you are mixing %ages and px values, and that can’t work.

So, your container fills the width of the viewport. Then you add 140px padding. BUT the %ages width for the child elements (the columns) are calculated regarding the total width of the container. So when you increase the browser in width, the gap between your columns increase, that’s normal, you set it like that.

Your columns should be 66% and 34% with no padding for the container.

Instead, put the padding on the first column. Set the cols at 60/40 with 14àpx on the left column.

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