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People can download my website free contents after they donate

Hey there
My website has free contents for audiences to download. I want to put donation to pay for the website fee. Can you recommend anything that people have to donate first to be able to access the download?

Hi @jenn, hope you’re well.

The best way is to open a PayPal account and embed the code into the website.


Embed custom HTML - Webflow tutorial - YouTube

www.youtube.com › watch

Let me know if this helps!

PayPal donation button isn’t available in all the country. For example my PayPal in Vietnam doesn’t have this doantion button. One more thing I want to encorage my users to donate for me before download it. Put PayPal button they have option to either donate or not. Thanks anyway @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo

So you want to encourage people to donate, but you don’t want to allow visitors to NOT be able to donate?

That makes it a purchase. Surely e-commerce is what you need.

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I think it’s expensive for me as a beginner now. Do you think there other alternative that might cost less than ecommerce site?

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Not within Webflow. If you want e-commerce, you need to implement e-commerce. If you want people to have a choice on whether they donate, add an optional button that doesn’t require a checkout/gated content.

You could look at implementing Memberstack and setting your desired one-off fee or a low monthly fee.

I think Jenn wants the ability for the customer to choose how much they want to donate… this feature isn’t available in Webflow, right?

@Hunter_Reynolds You’re right! I just want to find other plugin or code to put in.

POWr might have the solutions you’re looking for. But I don’t know which merchant gateways are available in your country. If you update your post and tell us Which merchant gateways or providers are available in your country, that would help

Also Stripe has international options.

@miekwave Good idea! It’s can integrate with webflow and cost cheaper than webflow ecommerce. I’ll use it! Thanks!

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