Function for a tip button

Hi guys,

a newbie here looking for help and answers about a question.
Long story short, I’d like to create a button for a money tip (such as “buy a coffee” button) as there’s in some digital e-commerce sites (image of example below).


In this case, as the product is free, you can decide to download it instantly and additionally give a tip to the creator. (This specific tip function in this site is made with Payhip)

As far as I know, I can create this kind of button giving a specific link to an external page where is already pre applied a tip form (with Paypal for example).

Is there another way or another function? Anything that can be done inside webflow itself?

Thanks a lot in advance :smile:

Hi! If Payhip provides an embed code then you can put that code in popup model so when someone clicks on a button a popup appears to make a payment that way user won’t have to leave the site.

This will work with a show/hide inteaction also like when someone clicks on your button a payment block appears.

Hi nkatla, thanks for your reply.

As webflow supports strype connection (for payments with cards) i’d like to stick with it. Perhaps there might be a method to create that embed code with strype too(?)

Btw i am curious to know if there’s a method to do this inside webflow itself?