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Paypal checkout button - How to make it go to a checkout page?

Hi - I’m trying to link a ‘Paypal checkout’ button in my cart to link to a Webflow checkout page - IE not just open a Paypal window.
You can do this with a Stripe button, but not Paypal.
I need this function as the user needs to be able to choose the shipping method and cost, which is only available when you go to your checkout.
As I’ve seen on other questions, the traditional checkout button disappears on the live test site because it requires a Stripe payment gateway. But not a Paypal.
There is also an option to drag and drop a ‘pay with paypal’ button, as seen in your tutorial. But as stated this simply bypasses the checkout page, again not allowing someone to enter their shipping details (and integrate shipping cost).

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I’ve been looking for the solution for over a week and keep going in circles and the tutorial does not show how to make this work. It’s delaying me launching my clients site! :frowning:

Here’s the Webflow share link:

Heres’ the link

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Your link works with the option of paypal.
All fine?

If yes, You just drag&drop the button?


Hi - thanks for your reply.
Yes, the button works with PayPal, takes me to the payment window.

Hi @Amanda_vK! My name is Zach. I’m one of the engineers on the ecommerce team at Webflow who worked on our PayPal integration.

How PayPal works with Webflow is that when a shopper presses the PayPal button, they’ll be prompted to choose both their shipping address and payment info in the window that PayPal pops up over the page. Once they select this, they will then be redirected back to the Checkout (PayPal) page, which you can customize in the Designer. On that page, the shopper can choose their shipping method, and review the shipping info they selected, before then choosing to place their order.

So, in your case, you’ll just need to ensure that the Checkout (PayPal) page has been customized, and you’ll be set to use PayPal.

One other thing I noticed, when checking your site to ensure there weren’t any other issues, is that there may be a currency mismatch issue. I noticed that the store’s default currency is AUD, but that your products are in USD. This, unfortunately, will cause issues with PayPal. I would recommend going through your products, and ensuring that the currencies are correct. If you have any further issues with this, please reach out to our support, and they can point you to help with getting that rectified.

Let me know if you have any other questions about our integration! :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much @bruggie (Zach!)
I was just about to set up a product with no shipping to test that very thing! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you also for spotting the AUD/USD - I didn’t see that - I wonder if it’s because I saved over some existing products from the template? I’ll go through each one and check. I did notice some currencies showed the cents .00 and some don’t so I suspect you’ve solved two (actually three!) problems in one post.

Hey there… I’ve set up Paypal for a client. I can see it in the cart on preview… but not on the actual site. Items just sit in the cart with no way to move foward. What am i doing wrong?

Thank you!