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Ecommerce: How to make these pages work (Checkout & Checkout Paypal)

Hi. I need your help.

I hope to make myself understood because i’m not used to speaking english often.

I designed all my website with Webflow and now i’m stuck on Checkout Pages.
I have enabled both stripe and paypal for payments. Payments with credit card works perfectly, but i don’t know how to implement the Checkout (PAYPAL) page properly.

When a customer clicks on checkout in the cart section, he will be redirected to the standard Checkout page, where he will fill the forms with his data (name, address, credit card number, etc etc)
And now my question is: How can i redirect the customer to the PayPal Checkout page? If I just implement a link that links to Paypal Checkout Page, the customer can’t fill the forms with is details…

How can i create a smooth customer checkout journey?

Thanks very much for your attention, hoping you can help me.

PS: I cant share webflow project link because is a private project, for now, but i can get images, if you need it.