Paypal button + coupon code

hey guys,
so my concern is to create a solution where i only use the paypal express button, which i integrated manually, to let customers directly checkout from my homepage (with no checkout process inbetween)

i managed to do this so far but now i want additionally to have the possibility to give my customers coupon codes which they can put in under the paypal button…

till now i found this tutorials:
this is the code:

this is a tutorial:

but i’m afraid that this way will work since it is using a php-script…and we cannot embed php code in the embed-code-element…right?!

so do you have any idea if i can do this and how?!

really racking my brain about this…


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haha nobody here that can help me with this?!

seems like the community is not ready for webflow ecommerce

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yiah at the time i asked this question there webflow wasnt supporting paypal payments and i tried to find a workaroung - but not its possible to use paypal in the webflow ecommerce package.

other than that the way i tried above was not possible because i had to integrate php on server side and webflow doesnt offer a way to do this

haha glad that i dont work on this project anymore, it was a mess at this time.

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did you manage to integrate papypal at the end? :slight_smile:
…the next thing I m going to do, is to let a developer integrate it in my website.
I m a bit stupid to let it happened.


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it depends on which paypalmsolution you want to integrate.
some solutions are pretty easy. give me 100k and i will do it.
nah, just joking. tell me more about what you are trying to do and i can give you more detailed instructions.

All Good it was just drag and drop at the end.
but to find how and where was a long journey…

but still doesnt work probably.