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Tutorial for paypal integration with webflow

does anyone know any tutorial to integrate a webflow donate buttton with webflow

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @IndustryDesigns,
this shouldn’t be a problem.
Just create your button and paste the generated html code into a embed element. Or just add a regular button, style it the way you like it and link it to your paypal donation site.


p.s. You cannot see the button in webflow preview, because embed elements aren’t refered in the designer. To check your result open your live site. Furthermore, I would make a test donation (1 cent or so) to check if it is working and if the money is getting to you.

how do I link a custom made button in webflow to my PayPal donate form

Make it a POST, then set the target to
Paste an input into your form, hide it, give it the name business and as a value the email address of your account ( the recieving one ) . Copy this input and change the name from the second one to currency_code and the value to USD or your currency.
Now you should be able to send it.

But, you should test it with a little testpayment (1 cent) because I have only converted the paypal html embed donation code to “webflow code”. And I dont know if webflow handles this right, but why not?
The other solution would be to add the paypal html code to an embed element and add the classes you want to the input. You could reuse the already created classes of your form.


what do mean make it a POST what is a POST

Ok I made the form a POST how do I set set the target to [ and how do I create classes for my form

Hi @IndustryDesigns,
i tested it on my site and i came to the conclusion that it would be more easy to just create an button with the donate link.
You can get it from the paypal site. Or just edit this link.{emailfront}%40{email back}&currency_code=EUR&amount=0.74

Just replace email front and email back. (Email has to be connected to a paypal account) Set the amount, or delete everything after “EUR” to remove a value.