Paypal plus manual integration

hi people. before i knock my head against the wall i wantd to try it here:
for 2 days now i am trying to integrate this paypal plus solution:

but i dont know what i’m doing wrong or in other words: i have no clue how this works…and IF it works in webflow.

the documentation from paypal is like chinese for me.

can anyone give any tips? would be so grateful…

so nobody knows how to do this integration? :cry:

I looked at the docs and it appears that you would require server side code to implement this solution. This is not something you can do from a Webflow site.

There is a planned integration with Paypal coming from webflow. Until it is released I can’t comment on how this will resolve your needs.

Hi @danyalxy.
Foxy integrates with PayPal Plus and their other offerings. You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to hop on a quick call to discuss your needs.


Yiah true, it seems that this will be a problem, because there is to be a request and response in this way of integrating paypal. is there now way to integrate something like a external server for this or something? i’m not an expert in this area, so just asking dump questions… ^^

yiah bro thank your for your recommendation. i know foxy and i already talked to josh from the team, but look the point is, that i have only one product on my page and i really don’t need a e-commerce backend. so paying 20$ every month just to be able to use paypal payment is a bit to much, especially because i’m working on low (student) budget :sweat_smile:

Hey @danyalxy.
It’s me, Josh. :slight_smile: I completely understand, but if you were already considering using Webfow Ecommerce, then you were most likely going to spend more than what it would cost to use Foxy and a less expensive Webflow hosting plan. For what it’s worth, we integrate with any of their hosting plans (or no hosting at all). Plus, you get a ton of powerful features (coupons, discounts, shipping, etc.) Let us know if anything changes.