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Adding paypal pay later messaging code

Good day,
I have a client who would like to add the paypal pay later messaging to the products page. Paypal has provide a step by step guide to place HTML code

I am unsure of where to place this code in order for it to work in webflow.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Since you’ll probably want this code to run on a specific page (or pages), just go into the Page Settings by clicking the cog icon in the Pages panel and paste the two code snippets into the appropriate place under the Custom Code section:

Keep in mind that these changes will only reflect on a published site, so republish to your staging/live URL first to see any changes :+1:

Thank you for the reply. But it doesn’t seem to be working. I even tried to do it using the embed widget in a container under the buy button but nothing is showing up. If I am understanding correctly I place the head code in the head section and the body code in the body section of the page settings. Where should it show up? It is just the announcement the paypal 4 payments is available and I think calculate the 4 amounts (not sure about that)

Whoops! My apologies, it looks like the second snippet of code needs to go where you’d like the message to appear—not within the Custom Code section as I had original noted.

The first option is copy/pasting the code they provide (shown below) within an HTML Embed element:


Or you can use a Div Element and add your own data-attributes within the Webflow Designer—just keep in mind that you can’t include attributes with blank values, so I’ve used “1” for the first attribute which hopefully shouldn’t affect the end result:

Does the first set of code go into the head code box of the page setting?

Yep! That code grabs the necessary script files so the page needs to load that before the content on the page (the div you add via HTML Embed or using data attributes).

Thank you Mike but so far I still can’t get it to show up on the site…I put the head code in the head section and the body in an embed div and nothing…then I removed it from there and put it in the body section of the product page…still nothing.

I am at my wits end on this. Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @jillbascome

I’m facing the same issue, did you ever manage to figure it out?


I’m sorry I didnt…clients working with developer now to fix it…sorry couldnt be of more help.