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Feedback: PayPal Checkout for Ecommerce is here

Excited about the launch of PayPal Checkout?

Share your thoughts or feedback in this thread. :wave:


Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Thanks Webflow :smiley:

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Hi guys this is great!

Is Brazil in this list?

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Congrats…!!! Amazing…!!!

How can I use the Paypal Button on a product page (for quick checkout) in addition to the ‘add to cart’ button (thus giving an option to checkout quickly)?

(currently, u can only add the paypal button in the shopping cart)

Hey @rodrigo_leles, both PayPal and Stripe support merchants in Brazil. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Ash_Lee, unfortunately, at the moment, you’re only able to add the PayPal button to the cart and/or checkout page. Adding to a product page is an awesome idea though, and I’ve already shared it with our Ecommerce product team. :slight_smile:


Thanks @gaby_izarra!

Not sure if this is the right article to talk about this but I’m not seeing the confirmation screen when trying to connect my Paypal Business account to Webflow. When I click the connect button this is what I see:

Any clues about what’s happening?

:raised_hands: you know I’m now hopeful custom gateways are on the way soon :slight_smile:

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Since PayPal owns Venmo, is it possible to also allow Venmo payment somehow? Nearly everyone I know uses Venmo over PayPal. If not now, is this near future? I started testing Webflow today and I love it, but the Venmo payment option is going to be important in deciding where to build my e-commerce site. Thank You!

@szollar no luck so far. It’s just stripe or paypal (and apple/google pay) at the moment.

Thank you Sarah… I hope it will come soon…

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What about iDeal payment? it’s the only reason I’m not using e-commerce yet.?

@ElviraNL no, iDeal isn’t an option either. I do hope a custom gateway option is on the table. That should help with all the EU payments. There are so many, it causes each specific one to have very low demand to implement. We might want iDeal/Bancontact but compared to the users of credit cards or paypal, it’s peanuts.
I have recently started using PlugNPaid. They take iDeal and the other EU payments. They do VAT right as well. They’ve still got quite a few bugs and limits so I don’t recommend them fully yet but wanted to mention the option.

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@sarahfrison I would like to know when you recommend them fully, PlugNPaid sounds interesting indeed. Do you have the Supercharged subscription?

@ElviraNL I’m not sure what it’s called, it’s the middle tier. It’s good enough for single-buy pages. If you want to sell one-off products, it works. if you want people to be able to add several products to a cart or use a ‘view shopping cart’ button etc, they’re not there yet. That said, I did come across a big bug yesterday so that’s why I’m cautious atm. They do fix things really, really fast and their customer service is great too.

I see South Africa was included in the supported paypal countries but when I try to set it up it says the currency is not supported in paypal???

any help here?