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Paying for Webflow Plan but hosting elsewhere

I’ve been having trouble with my website working. In fact, it never has. Since Webflow support takes some time to email you back I went searching for other methods. My hosting platform is Hostgator and they offered to host my site instead of Webflow. My question is, after purchasing a hosting plan with Webflow can I host my site with Hostgator instead. They have faster tech support and I can instantly chat with them and cannot with Webflow

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If you purchase a hosting plan, this doesn’t really help you to be honest.

You will need the correct account plan that will allow you to export the code and put it somewhere else. You would then not need a hosting plan with Webflow, but handle this with Hostgator.

However, if you are hosting CMS or eCommerce then you need to think about how to work around that (Udesly maybe…)