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Password protected page - error message and css

Hi. Wondering how to edit the text of the error message and the css/style/design on the password utility page? I need to change the text and the css i.e. color of pink background etc. Is it required to add custom css? See attachment.

Thank you.

Hi @olexalex

It’s a similar approach to editing the success/error on a form - so if you click on the password ‘form’ and then the settings cog - you’ll see an option of ‘default’ and ‘wrong password’ - switch between the two to style :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I think I understand now. So basically you have to guess how things will look because the actual components (background and text) are not visible in the editor - contrary to regular success/error messages for forms. The visibility problem is because the password component is a flex item. Unfortunately this cannot be changed.

How would someone edit the text of the error message. Unless I am missing something, this doesn’t seem to be very well thought through. Could be wrong though…

Hi @olexalex

Just to clarify - are you talking about changing in the ‘editor’ or the ‘designer’ ?

If it’s designer - once you’ve clicked the ‘wrong password’ state in the settings, you can then select the error box, give it a class and style - also the error message is a text box inside - again you can give it a class and style.

It’s not something i’ve used much in terms of positioning - but the flex is coming from the ‘Utility Page Wrap’ - which can also be changed.

Hope that helps

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I am referring to the “Designer”. I don’t see any option to change the text in for the error message. That text field in question is just not visible - or can’t be made visible - even by removing “flex” from the “Utility Page Wrap”.

The positioning and styling I can do without seeing the actual content elements. However, I am really wondering how to edit the text. Nobody else had this problem?? Unfortunately I can’t make the link to the site public due to privacy issues.

Hi @olexalex

Here are 6 screenshots where i’ve just styled a blank project. Hopefully this solves it for you - if not feel free to share your link with me via direct message - or alternatively reach out to the the support team if you think there may be a bug:

You may need to click to expand these: