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Password + name protected websites

Since webflow doesn’t support client profiles (yet?) is there a way to add a name field to the password protected pages and have both the password and the name field linked to database. That would be tremedously helpful. It would allow businesses to sell subscription/ accesse behind paid wall…any help or advise would be very appreciated I don’t want to have to migrate to different platform…

You’re looking for a user system, but that’s not possible at the moment, sorry.

Well partially. I don’t need the full user system. I was hoping there might be a way to have the password chack against a database of passwords in a database (hosted outside of the webflow if needed) and than add a second field for name (second password if you will) that also checks against a database and only when they both check out they permit access to rest of the website or specific page etc… Do you think that is something that would be possible with custom code and imbeds? Or is there some obvious reason it should not be done this way that I’m not seeing?

PS thanks for taking the time to answer Vincent, I truly appreciate it.

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Without a proper user system inside of Webflow, difficult. Maybe some external services propose such a feature, but if the purpose is unlocking content that’s designed in Webflow, such as articles and pages, I see it be difficult. I’m not a dev though.

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope you find a way.

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