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Password Access Not Working

We have a hosting account for the project and have activated the password feature on the page and entered a password.

We have published the page and are using the webflow…URL to access it on a mobile device.

When we enter the password, the screen simply refreshes into itself, and asks for the password again.

Open to suggestions as to the issue!

Hi @herb200mph

Is this a password at page level (set in the designer) or a site-wide password (in project settings) ?

You might find one is overwriting the other?


UPDATE: We actually have abandoned the password protection. We have many, many apps to which access is limited to certain groups of users. We deploy them via a gateway/repository website. To download an app, we have a login for that specific app. Each app has a unique password that is distributed to the authorized users. It is a simple html login screen that works perfectly and can accommodate an unlimited number of users.

So, we no longer need PW protection within the WF project.

Just wanted to update this post in our solution information.

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