Pass token from an HTTP request to another in Logic

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to use Logic to make a 4 step HTTP Requests flow to add Contacts, Prospect and Opportunities to my client’s account on Sellsy.

I am struggling on one step to pass my credentials.
The API Token change regularly and I don’t wan’t to change it everyday.

I made a first HTTP request with my client_id and client_secret as a POST body to get that Bearer token. No problem so far but know I can’t reuse later. I want then to make the proper POST to create contact but I need to pass my token as an Authorization Header and it looks that there are no way to use previous data from the flow there.

Please help me if you have any clue I’m despairing on that point.

Here’s the current flow

Please post your question about Logic at since that is the resource Webflow currently provides for this beta.

Wuup sorry didn’t knew about that one. Thanks

Edit : I can’t even connect to that plateform :sob:

Found it- the link is at the bottom of this page. Scroll up a bit, look for the BLUE Learn more box, and the link Join the Logic community.

I’ll watch for your question there so I can answer this in the right forum.