Form Submission to Sellsy API

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a form submission connexion to Sellsy API. I managed to make it works using Zappier but my client won’t pay for that service and is asking for a solution in Webflow.

I started using the API with Postman to retrieve some infos but I have no clue on how to make it work in plain JS as the api is in PHP. I checked this tutorial which gave me some clues but I don’t know how to create my endpoint from Sellsy point of view.

These looks super cool but I guess I have no way to make it work inside a Webflow context ?

Secondly how can you securely pass tokens in the API request in Webflow ?

Basically I don’t really know from where to start to handle this API.

If you have any advices on that subject please let me know.

How about Webflow Logic?