Domain Connection Issue w/ IONOS

Hey guys!

My client had a custom website he uploaded to IONOS a few years ago. I re-did his site on Webflow and am trying to launch but we keep coming across errors.

Webflow will say it is connected - then we publish and then it says issues detected. It swaps between which is connected (www or domain) - over and over again. I’ve yet to see the new site live - the old one continues to show. I’m not sure if there is something with IONOS specifically that needs to be done.

Old site showing (hero says Do more with less. really):

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - StablePath 2

so bizzare… but the site isn’t live - even after clearing cache and trying incognito

DNS does not appear to be configured for Webflow. Review the guidance in the University for instructions. 1&1 IONOS Integration | Webflow University