Paid Online Academy

I intend to have a tutorial website that users will have to pay to use features for. I intended to use a business website as the plan for this purpose. I am confused about the purchase process for this type of plan. Because E-commerce relates more to the sale of items and shipping, etc. wouldn’t that be totally different for me?

You would be selling digital products / online service.
Webflow commence doesn’t have the functionality to set up a digital product store yet. They will be adding this with their next eCommerce update along with Paypal integration and some other things. We just have to wait. I have no idea when it will be added. I hope it is soon though.

At the moment this can’t be done natively in Webflow and you will need to integrate other services in order to do this like Firebase, Authpro, etc.

There various threads on the forum about subscription sites and I’m currently working on a few myself.

If your confident around code you can check this:

or this:

If after reading all of that you think you still need a hand PM me and we can discuss it.

I’ve created a successful case study with these, unfortunately I can’t share it here due to NDAs but at least I can tell you that it works.