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Is there a "learning path?"

I’m new to Webflow and currently on day 7 of the 2021 Portfolio Project. I was wondering if there’s a “learning path” type of page that shows you the main courses you should take to become a competent Webflow developer and the order in which those classes should be taken? It looks like there’s a lot of great material here but once I finish this first project, it may be hard to figure out where to start. I did find one “Getting Started” course but I’m wondering if there is anything more. If there is no such page and you have any suggestions, I’m “all ears”. Thanks!

It really depends on where you want to go with things, but I’ve included a couple good lessons/courses to consider after you’re done with the 2021 Design Portfolio Course. Keep in mind that there may be some redundancy in topics and outdated UI used, but there is too much good stuff to pass up if you’re new to Webflow and web design in general:


Thanks Mike! I’ll be sure to check these out.