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Pages per site in pro?

The only reference I can find to how many pages allowed at for Pro and Personal is in the FAQ, and that answer has what looks like an out-of-date page allowance for Organizations, so I don’t know whether the Pro/Personal numbers are current. (I’m needing to strategize how to approach a project that may grow but doesn’t justify signing up for an Organizational plan just yet.)

Any reason that the page count has been omitted from the plan comparison/signup matrix? It seems like a pretty major component of an offering, and that the matrix is the easiest-to-find, easiest-to-maintain place to put it.

Also, the the plans have been pretty dynamic while you dialed in the pricing model, but do you think that the page counts and other aspects are getting less likely to change anytime soon? It would be nice if the offerings were stabilized and most future changes were limited to pricing.

H, total number of pages per site for Pro plan is 80 pages. You make a good point this should be more visible and I have added this to the task list to get updated to our pages. Cheers !