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Max total number of pages allowed

Just curious – what is the maximum number of pages a WF site can have with a Professional account? I looked in the forum and saw a few conflicting numbers so decided to go back to the “well!” (aka: the AWESOME WF STAFF!)
I am currently developing a very large site and I’m sitting at 96 pages at the moment however, have many more to add. If I need more pages than WF supports is there a workaround or other possible solutions?


What’s conflicting about this list?

@samliew Good morning! I was curious how I go about increasing my page package from 100 to 150?


Please contact directly.

What seems conflicting to me is the 80 (any paid hosting), 100 (any paid account).

Aren’t a majority of sites that are on paid hosting also on paid accounts? The word “any” being there is likely a source of confusion. It looks as if having your sites hosted with Webflow causes you to lose 20 pages per project over hosting your sites on a separate server.

80 (any paid hosting when you are on a starter/free account)

100 (as long as the project belongs to a personal/pro plan)

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